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Wooden Pull Along Toys


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Pull Along Toys for Toddlers

Learn all about our fabulous range of wooden pull along toys for toddlers here.

We feature a wonderful range of Wooden Pull Along Toys. Moreover, all make irresistibly fantastic traditional gifts for babies and toddlers.

Wooden pull toys are the perfect toys to entertain your toddler. Not only do they encourage them to improve their ability to walk, they inspire movement.

And these gorgeous wooden toys are produced for little hands to hold. Moreover, as they pull along behind them, a pull toy is perfect for the new walker. Some have easy-grip cut out sections. For instance, the Janod fire Truck allows baby to manipulate the toy’s movement by pushing it. And the wheels allow him or her to navigate past little obstructions in the road. Surely very useful as little ones explore on their walk.

Furthermore, our pull-along toys are sturdy and colourful. Not to mention being just the ideal size for toddlers. Together with safe cord length and smooth action, these particular toys for toddlers happily develop young gross motor skills. So a pull toy is a first-rate option for any young child.

Start The Early Learning Wooden Toy Fun Now

A fun twist on the pull toy is the pull along dinosaur and red fox from Lanka Kade. Children (and adults it must be said!) are spellbound as the animals wobble around. See the head, tail and body move up and down as the colourful animal is pulled along!

Additionally, most pull toys provide double value for money. For example, the pull along farm train contains farm animals that inspire imaginative play. Meantime, listen to the musical xylophone creatively tinkle a tune (well to little ears anyway!).

Meanwhile, the entertainment does not stop there. From traditional farmyard trains to musical xylophone wooden toys. You will find something special for your treasured youngster here. Designed to inspire, these toys are the building blocks of movement. So go grab your pull toy today!

Why Shop At The Toy Centre

All toys chosen by The Toy Centre have been selected for their fun and educational value. Coupled with the importance of safety. With this in mind, rest assured that all toys have been tested for safe play value.

We realise that as these pull toys are likely to become a firm favourite for many months ahead, they need to be robust. We feel that wooden toys have the edge here. Durable and easy to clean. A quick wipe and they will be good as new. Not only that, but this means that they can be enjoyed and passed down through the generations.

All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown. FREE Delivery UK Mainland** (See main delivery page for exceptions) on orders over £50.

And please do contact us if you have any questions at all. We are always happy to help.





Toddlers Learn about a wobbly dinosaur. Toddlers

Whether they are crawling or walking, children love to pull along their toys.



which is likely to become a firm favourite for many months ahead. All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown.

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