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Gardening Made Easy For Kids

Gardening for children should be fun! We love Sembra Growing Kits as they guide kids in an easy  step-by-step way how to get from seed to plant. Even better, the whole family can eat the produce!

Brilliantly easy stages encourage young gardeners interest. Follow these simple steps and kids won't go far wrong!

  1. Choose Kit - Salad, Beans, Tomatoes, Herbs - uummm decisions...

Sembra kits feature Easy-To-Read instructions, pots, soil, seeds, plant labels and a seed tray. Wow! You will need a small watering can and garden trowel or spoon for kids to fill pots with soil. Get ready for children's gardening!

Give kids a pot and using a small trowel (or spoon), fill it with soil. Leave a small gap (1/2 or 1/4 inch depending on pot size) at the top and pat down firmly (Fingers or trowel is fine - who cares about a bit of dirt??)

Labelling is the next easy stage! Sembra provides push-out labels or cut-out ones depending on the pack. Just write on the plant name in pencil and pop it in the pot. Particularly useful if kit has more than one growing variety!

Open the foil seed packet (careful with those scissors!) and scatter a few seeds on top. Cover with a thin layer of soil and pat down again..

Nearly there...... Water well  (but no saturating!)


Place the seed pots on the seed tray in a light but shady position. A patio or greenhouse is ideal and wait for the seedlings to sprout. Kids gardening has begun.... Children's Kew Gardens next step!!