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Discover a great range of outdoor play equipment from British company Garden Games. Includes wigwam play tents, large garden games kits, sandpits, kids playhouses and more.

Sale! garden games rounders set

Rounders Set

£42.90 £31.92
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Sale! big 4 connect game by garden games

Big 4 Connect Game

£196.88 £173.34
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Sale! whacky ranch wooden playhouse by garden games

Whacky Ranch Playhouse

£387.41 £341.09
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Sale! sand sailer sandpit by garden games

Sand Sailer

£190.70 £167.90
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Sale! wooden hexagonal sandbox by garden games 6402

Wooden Hexagonal Sandbox

£100.51 £77.29
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Sale! garden games giant dominoes

Giant Domino Set

£43.29 £38.12
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Sale! ZZGGATJE110 Wooden See-Saw 001

Wooden See-Saw

£149.12 £131.29
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Sale! GG3042 Blue Aztec Wigwam Play Tent 005

Blue Aztec Wigwam Play Tent

£72.62 £55.21
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Sale! camouflage wigwam tepee by garden games

Camouflage Wigwam Teepee

£62.71 £55.21
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Sale! ZZ3244 Crooked Cottage Playhouse 001

Crooked Cottage Playhouse

£387.41 £341.09
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Sale! GG3041 Flower and Butterfly Wigwam 001

Flower and Butterfly Wigwam Play Tent

£72.62 £55.21
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Sale! K12089 Tree Swing 002

Tree Swing

£37.97 £33.43
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Garden Games Toys

Garden Games was created in 1997 with family in mind. Inspired to create games especially for outdoor garden entertainment for children. In particular, their own children at first! And success at a family barbecue motivated a whole new business!

The desire behind Garden Games first product was to manufacture true garden entertainment. Not only for children, but adults as well. And it is this which is the dynamic force behind the company. Thus, among these fabulous outdoor toys you will find many a pub classic such as Giant Dominoes!

Outdoor Garden Products

Inspired by the enterprise and animation that produced their original games, Garden Games now make an incredible range. Moreover, all are fun, lively, wholesome and made to engage. In fact, they are now the top manufacturer of games for the garden. And produce the biggest range of outdoor toys and games designed and created here in the UK and sold all over the world. Such as rounders sets and play equipment. Like a super tree swing.

Additionally, the company have been designing and making different games – including a huge range of giant games – for decades. So don’t miss the giant Big 4 Connect Game!

With emphasis on sturdy wooden products, Garden Games have created an awesome range of wooden kids playhouses. For example, the wonderfully Whacky Ranch Playhouse and Crooked Cottage. All beautifully painted and designed with a special quirkiness that attracts little ones’ attention.

If you prefer a playhouse that can be folded up and put away. Or indeed used both indoors and outside, then perhaps their range of exciting tents and tepees will fit the bill. With products ranging from pretty pink butterflies to action packed camouflage play tents. Specifically to inspire imaginative play. There really is something for everyone and every budget here.

Proud to Be Stockists

The Toy Centre is proud to be a Garden Games Ltd stockist. As they supply really entertaining outdoor toys for children. In fact, they are suitable whatever age you are!

We adore these truly engaging garden toys. Including a range of sandpits and play equipment that mainly focus on the younger members of the family. Plus, giant games that are perfect for outdoor entertainment. Certainly, products to give barbecues, weddings, etc that extra buzz. Or maybe just relaxing in your own back garden. Furthermore, these fun products make ideal gifts for the whole family.

If you have any questions regarding a specific product, or indeed are searching for something that you cannot see listed, please do not hesitate to contact our small friendly team. We will happily endeavour to assist you.


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