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Toys for 3 Year Olds


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Explore our popular range of toys for 3 year olds at The Toy Centre. And discover a fabulous selection of play and learn toys that are perfect for children who are just emerging from the toddler stage. And who are now searching for something just a bit more challenging. Moreover, these toys are high quality with a lot of good, old-fashioned fun thrown in. Not only that, but they offer educational value that provides developmental benefits for children.

Best Toys For 3 Year Olds

3 year olds have an abundance of energy. Not to mention a love of both colourful and noisy toys! So think musical toys and pretend play food. Then again, the best toys might be those hurtling around at speed. Such as pedal and ride on cars. Notably, 3 year olds have thoughts and interests. Plus, a greater control of their body. Also, kids of this age have a longer attention span. So, they can focus on make-believe, games, craft projects, and more.

To help you with some ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite play toys for 3 year olds. Especially focussing on toys that grow with them. So helps your purse too! And you will find many on this list to satisfy even the most fussy of pre-schoolers.

Pretend Play Toys

From age three, your child can play make believe games with toys. And they are quick to take on pretend roles and situations. Whether this is pretending to be a chef with kitchen toys or making a carpentry project with a pretend toy workbench. Then again, a wooden dolls house encourages pretend play. Similarly, it also helps build social skills. Kids adore having a dolls house where they are in charge. Add some play figures and watch your kids go to town making up scenes and stories.

Doctors kits are always popular. Now that kids understand more, they also fear more. So playing with a stethoscope or thermometer to take temperatures, etc really builds confidence. And learning empathy as they care for their dolls.

Similarly, as your child engages in pretend play, they learn name colours and have an understanding of being able to count and what the numbers mean. Also, they know how to work buttons. Plus move parts and stack towers with more than five blocks. So building blocks and puzzles are a great idea.

With this in mind, you need toys that encourage his or her development. So a good idea is to opt for toys that advance open-ended play. Or can be used in many ways. At the same time, toys that advance problem-solving skills and look like the real thing have excellent value. For example, play fruit or a toy cash register.

Kids Getting Active

Children are very active at age 3. So they love to run and climb, perhaps ride a tricycle or bike. Then again a pedal or ride on car allows freedom of movement. And spatial awareness as they learn not to bump into things!

In the summer months, a sandpit or playhouse allows kids the freedom to go outside, create, run around and get some fresh air.

Scooters and balance bikes are excellent for developing motor coordination skills. Plus reducing the time it takes to go somewhere. Explore our selection, which includes cute the Janod retro style scooters for both boys and girls.

Creative Toys

Kids love to create things. Especially if they are squishy like Melissa and Doug Play Dough Set. Add some tools and the imaginative shapes that appear are like magic. Then again, kids love arts and crafts toys. With open-ended materials that they can put together in whatever way their imagination takes them. So check out our Melissa and Doug and Alex Toys in particular, collections.

Learning letters by sight is another stage of a 3 year olds development. Also figuring out that you put letters together in different combinations to make words—a crucial pre-reading skill as they understand that writing is a communication form. So ABC help is always a good idea. For example, with ABC learning boards with pictures and bright colours.

Not only that, but First Wooden Puzzles with numbers and the alphabet are sure to intrigue young minds. And make a super stocking filler!

Matching Games

At age 3, children can sit still for a bit longer and take turns. Plus they notice more and ask questions. So this is the perfect time to introduce them to board games like The Chicken Game, which builds memory and problem-solving skills. Moreover, shape matching games improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects.

We have a fabulous range of early learning toys for 3 year olds. And all make use of their energy and love of life. Thus provide the learning experience which the adults want them to have without them knowing. As you can see, the choice for a gift is pretty wide. Moreover, Age 3 is a super age where learning is fun!


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