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Haba Honga Board Game


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Haba Honga Board Game


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Haba Honga Board Game brings prehistoric fun to a new level! So prepare for the best family board game fun around. As the sabre toothed tiger clan searches for a new leader. But which player will prove most worthy? Surely only the caveman who collects the most supplies, barters successfully and pays homage to the old nature gods. But never forget to pay attention to Honga under any circumstances. Because whoever neglects the sabre-tooth tiger will have their supplies gobbled up!

Prove your best family Honga board game worth in many ways. For example, gather supplies or move through the dark forest. Perhaps attract mammoths as you pledge loyalty to the old nature gods. Then again, successfully trade with other clans. However, no matter how busy you are with these efforts, never forget Honga! As he eats your food when your back is turned. Not to mention, getting rid of him can prove mighty tough.

Our exciting strategy Honga game features action selections for 2 – 5 players. And is cleverly set in the prehistoric era. For the purpose of becoming clan leader, players take turns playing their action card to the central board. With careful attention to where they place it, and how it’s rotated. Then the number of hands pointing to an action space determines how many times you may use that action. For instance, gather resources and use them to complete trade agreements. Or maybe lure mammoths to the tribe herd. On the other hand, pay homage to the old nature gods. But if you don’t make sure that at least one action point is allocated to Honga’s den, he’ll steal food from you! Thus, players must balance between keeping Honga at bay and using their limited action points effectively.

With so many ways to victory, light player interaction, and a 45 minute play time, this first rate family board game will have you coming back again and again to play with Honga. Especially to meet the resident sabre-tooth tiger that’s really just a big cuddly kitten at heart. Such a fun strategy game for both beginners and experienced players. and one of the best board games on the market for 8 year olds.

A great Haba game for all the family. Made in Germany from high quality play materials. Includes wooden sabre toothed tiger and mammoths.

Suitable for ages 8 to 99 years. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.

1 game board, 1 depot board, 5 player trays, 46 action disks (28x gray, 18x red), 25 bonus cards, 32 barter cards,1 starting player fire marker, 1 mammoth tooth, 1 Honga play figure, 30 mammoths, 5 prehistoric humanscavemen, 5 scoring markers, 20 raw food material markers (5x fish, 5x berry, 5x mushroom, 5x drop of water), 1 set of instructions.

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