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How to Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Small items can be fidgety, which is where our fine motor skills come in. These are the skills that allow for movement in the smaller muscles of the body such as those in the hands and feet. With lots of play and repetition, your child can have them mastered.

Velcro Books

New for 2022 – Velcro books are great sensory toys for children with special needs and can be used by all to practice pinching and gripping. This can help your child to do up their shoes when it comes to it, helping them to become that little bit more independent.

Creating Beaded Bracelets

Beads are possibly the most fidgety things that you can find, making them perfect for this sort of exercise. This activity can get your child to practice their hand-eye coordination as well as their gripping, holding and pinching skills. If you don’t have any beads, you can just as easily substitute for pasta and paint to create beautiful bracelets with your child.


There are many benefits to exploring music with your child such as improved confidence, creativity and memory. A musical instrument like a drum can help your child to expand on their range of fine motor skills when holding and tapping using their drumsticks.

Janod Confetti Musical Set

Tweezer Challenges

You can use child-friendly play tweezers to race with your child to see who can pick up the most objects without using their hands. This is a nice and fun way to practice the same skills and exercise healthy competition.

Paper Crowns

After all that hard work, your child deserves to feel like a king or queen. You can create craft crowns together using child-friendly scissors, crayons and glue. Crayons can help your child to practice how to hold a pencil upright while scissors can teach them how to press and feed paper through.


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