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Musical Toys

Musical Toys are a great choice for babies, toddlers and older children. They really love the satisfying sound they can create by banging, tapping or shaking something! It's never too early to introduce toys that can help them learn about rhythm and timing and they will have such fun being able to make some great noise with these lovely Musical Toys. All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown.

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  • Janod Grand Piano

    Janod Grand Piano

    Wow, we just love the Janod Grand Piano! Such a cool, funky design and superb quality. It's sure...
  • Janod Live Music Set

    Janod Live Music Set

    This is a fantastic musical instrument set for children. It includes 5 individual wooden musical...
  • Janod Xylophone Pull Along Roller

    Janod Xylophone Pull Along Roller

    Age 18 months +. An Incredibly well designed and crafted wooden Xylophone that transports on...
  • Janod Confetti Musical Set

    Janod Confetti Musical Set

    Delightfully playful wooden and metal Musical Set by Janod. Includes four Instruments.

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price: £28.99

  • Tidlo Pink Guitar

    Tidlo Pink Guitar

    The Tidlo Pink Guitar is a fantastic musical toy and it's very entertaining watching a child...
  • Janod Drum

    Janod Drum

    The Janod Drum is an excellent Musical Toy. Young children will just love to make music with this...
  • Tidlo Blue Guitar

    Tidlo Blue Guitar

    The Tidlo Blue Guitar is sure to be a bit hit with children and it can even be tuned just like a...

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £15.00

  • Pintoy Basic Xylophone

    Basic Xylophone

    Age 12 months +. The Pintoy Basic Xylophone makes a perfect first musical toy.
  • Rainbow Recorder

    Rainbow Recorder

    Children will love to make sweet music with one of these colourful Rainbow Recorders from John...
  • Tidlo Rainbow Maracas

    Tidlo Rainbow Maracas - sold in pairs

    Age 18 months +. These brightly coloured wooden maracas make an excellent musical toy gift for...

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  • Orange Tree Toys Cat Turning Clacker

    Orange Tree Toys Cat Turning Clacker

    Age 3 years +. What an adorable wooden turning clacker this is! Hand crafted and beautifully...
  • Orange Tree Toys Lion Turning Clacker

    Orange Tree Toys Lion Turning Clacker

    Age 3 years +. A lovely hand crafted and beautifully painted wooden turning Lion Clacker which...
  • Tidlo Mini Tambourines

    Tidlo Mini Tambourines

    Age 3 years +. Lovely brightly coloured wooden tambourines that make a terrific musical gift for...

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Musical Toys

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