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Outdoor Fun And Play For Kids

Hoorah! Spring has finally sprung and moving towards summer! Sunny weather says go outside and enjoy playing with the kids. Handily, we at The Toy Centre have some fantastic outdoor toys and playhouse ideas to enhance your child’s play.

Playhouses & Tents

For an imaginative children’s outdoor playtime, nothing is better than a wooden children’s Playhouse or Sandpit. These outdoor toys entertain kids for hours and encourage them to create their own adventures in the garden. Kids pretend play pirate forts or Crooked Cottages spiral into a myriad of fairy stories. Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to playtime! Being made of wood, these beauties will stand the test of time and only a little routine treatment required. They are environmentally friendly too! Best for those aged 3+

Ship Ahoy!
Keep in the shade with this sandpit!
Crooked Cottage Wooden Playhouse
Watch out for the Whacky Playhouse!

Activity & Trampolines

If your children are feeling even more energetic in sunshine, get them bouncing on a trampoline! Ideal for those aged 6+, these lively playthings disguise exercise for kids who do not normally like sporting games. Boosting balance and self-esteem, trampolines improve posture and honing of those oh-so important motor skills.

Skipping Ropes always interest children. We stock classic and novelty styles to appeal to all ages. Jumping rope is enjoyable exercise!

Enjoy Skipping Rope with this Fun Characters Skipping Rope by Le Toy Van
Bouncy fun with Berg Inground Favourit 270 Trampoline

Talking motor skills, parents can really help kids develop their gross motor skills as they keep fit and active outside. Learning to skip, run, hop, shout and jump are fun and necessary. Once these skills are mastered, kids can control their fine motor skills such as holding a paintbrush or toy spade, for example. And let’s face it, it is always so satisfying to see your child’s smile and laughter when they know that they have got it right!

Nature & Gardening

For younger children, the great outdoors can be a wonderful sensory experience. Nature is ever-changing and ensures a stimulating and multi-sensory place to play. For babies and young children this is so important as they learn and gain experience through all their senses.

Inspire children’s interest in nature  by collecting twigs and flowers and keep them in jars and containers. This enhances their knowledge of shape, colour and texture. Some super toys for this are the Alex range of ‘Backyard Safari’ toys which playfully encourage kids to explore the outside world. Good for 5+

Introduce gardening when children wonder how things grow outside. Much outdoor fun can be had whilst teaching children to grow seeds and plants. Visit our Garden Fun section for a fabulous selection of children’s starter sets by Spanish toy supplier Sembra. Ideal for children aged 5 and over, these exciting kits have everything your child needs to start growing herbs and salads. Let them watch and wait for sprouting seed and feel amazing satisfaction as their little seedlings burst through. We have tried this ourselves and it is a fun activity for all the family to share. Yes, Dad – we know you like the eating part!

Exciting Garden Exploration with the Backyard Safari Field Scope by Alex
Learn To ‘Grow Your Own’ with this Children’s Set by Sembra
Bug Catching fun from Alex
Sembra Growing Kits ready for planting

And finally…. getting outside in the fresh air, having some exercise and getting some sunshine is a great way to aid children’s sleep and stop those night-time grizzles. Great for baby and great for you!

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