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Toy Vehicles & Construction

Wooden Toy Cars, Lorries and Vehicles provide plenty of scope for children's imaginative play fun travel adventures. Especially popular with younger children, our large exciting range of durable wooden toy vehicles can transport young children from London to the Moon and back in time for tea. Why not park that car in a traditional wooden toy Garage? Children’s imaginations can be stretched even further with this accessory. Hang on, can I see a Construction site ahead? Children will have great fun playing with our range of Wooden Construction Site Toys. They can bring a work site to life with our wooden toy cranes, construction vehicles and toy workmen. This range of Wooden Toys is particularly popular with boys and will provide them with hours of entertainment, either playing solo or playing together. All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown.

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  • TV420 Mikes Auto Garage by Le Toy Van 004

    Mikes Auto Garage by Le Toy Van

    Take to the road with Mike's Auto Garage from Le Toy Van. This is a comprehensive painted wooden...

    Regular Price: £92.00

    Special Price £81.00

  • TV450 Dinos Red Garage by Le Toy Van 004

    Dinos Red Garage by Le Toy Van

    A brightly painted red and yellow wooden garage featuring 3 storeys, spiral ramps, a petrol pump,...
  • JC-60.03527 Pintoy Fire Engine 001

    Pintoy Wooden Fire Engine

    The Pintoy Fire Engine is a fantastic wooden emergency vehicle that young fire fighters will love...
  • TV469 London Bus with Driver by Le Toy Van 001

    London Bus with Driver by Le Toy Van

    A big red painted wooden London bus, with Boris the Budkin bus driver included. Fits up to 11...

    Regular Price: £44.95

    Special Price £43.50

  • JC-60.07567 Pintoy Crane 001

    Pintoy Toy Crane

    The Pintoy Crane is a fantastic wooden toy crane that actually moves! Perfect for young...
  • T-0118 Tidlo Garage 003

    Tidlo Garage

    The Tidlo Garage is a colourful wooden toy garage that has everything your little one needs to...
  • J08554  Janod Grand Prix Play Set in a Suitcase 003

    Janod Grand Prix Play Set in a Suitcase

    21 piece Janod Grand Prix Play Set in a Suitcase with eight different race track combinations,...

    Regular Price: £39.00

    Special Price £35.00

  • TV478 LeToyVan Camper Van 001

    LeToyVan Camper Van

    Wooden holiday campervan.Complete with classic detachable surf board. Lift off the roof to reveal...
  • JC-60.10585 Pintoy Police Vehicle 002

    Pintoy Police Vehicle

    The Pintoy Police Vehicle is at the heart of the action, quick there's the robber!
  • JC-60.07568 Pintoy Digger 001

    Pintoy Digger

    The Pintoy Digger is a perfect addition to your child's wooden construction set.
  • JC-60.08561 Pintoy Road Roller 001

    Pintoy Road Roller

    The Pintoy Road Roller is a very popular vehicle in the Construction Series; strong and durable,...
  • TV444 Le Toy Van Race Car Transporter Set  006

    Race Car Transporter Set

    This wooden Race Car Transporter Set from Le Toy Van is a beautiful retro car transporter with a...
  • JC-60.08562 Pintoy Bulldozer  001

    Pintoy Bulldozer

    The Pintoy Bulldozer plays an integral part in the wooden toy construction world! The bright...
  • JC-60.14547 Pintoy Low Loader  001

    Pintoy Low Loader

    This bright yellow wooden low loader fits perfectly into the Pintoy Construction Series and is...
  • JC-60.07569 Pintoy Front End Loader 001

    Pintoy Front End Loader

    The Pintoy Front End Loader is a perfect wooden toy for aspiring builders. Add a construction...
  • JC-60.12550 Pintoy Mobile Crane 001

    Pintoy Mobile Crane

    The Pintoy Mobile Crane is brilliant as a toy in it's own right but is also a perfect addition to...
  • JC-60.07570 Pintoy Dumper Truck 001

    Pintoy Dumper Truck

    Every toy construction site should have a Pintoy Dumper Truck. Well made with a working tipper,...
  • JC-60.07571 Pintoy Construction Equipment 001

    Pintoy Construction Equipment

    The Pintoy Construction Equipment will provide you with all the accessories you need to bring...
  • J05603 Janod Multi Cars Truck 001

    Janod Multi Cars Truck

    Age 18 months +. The Janod Multi Cars Truck is a stunning wooden pull along toy that will...
  • JC-60.08563 Pintoy Construction Site Office 001

    Pintoy Construction Site Office

    The Site Manager has to have an office! The Pintoy Construction Site Office fits the bill...
  • T-0241 Tidlo Construction Workers 001

    Tidlo Construction Workers

    The Tidlo Construction workers bring our range of wooden construction toys to life.
  • J06498 Janod DIY Fire Truck 001

    Janod DIY Fire Truck

    Age 18 months +. We adore the Janod DIY Fire Truck! Such a clever wooden toy that can be used in...
  • TV267 London Car Set by Le Toy Van 005

    London Car Set by Le Toy Van

    Rev it up with the London Car Set from Le Toy Van. A set of seven painted wooden vehicles...
  • RY91M14BR Orange Tree Toys Racing Car Set  004

    Orange Tree Toys Racing Car Set

    Age 12 months +. The Orange Tree Toys Racing Car Set is a gorgeous gift for children. Containing...

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Toy Vehicles & Construction

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