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Pretend Play Sets


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Our Wooden Role Play Toys, Pretend Play Toys and Pretend Kitchen Sets are great for children’s imaginations and promoting social skills. Children just love to role play, pretending to be a grown up provides hours of entertainment for little ones and we have all the toys to assist with this, including some beautiful Wooden Play Kitchens, Play Food, Play Shops, Toy Work Benches and Tools, Wooden Pushchairs, Cradles and High Chairs for dolls. Browse the entire collection or go to a particular category from the menu. All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown.

Pretend Play Sets

At The Toy Centre, we bring together some of the finest examples of pretend play sets and pretend play kitchen sets from some of the best-known children’s toy brands. Whether you and your child want to while away a rainy afternoon with one of our pretend play shops, or by putting on a production with your very own puppet theatre, there are so many ways to inspire your little ones with these fabulous role-playing toys that you won’t know where to start!

Made from durable, high-quality materials, you can rest assured everything in our range of play sets has been designed with the safety of your little one in mind. And because we know children don’t stay clean for long, our wooden play sets can also be wiped down easily to keep your little one’s toys squeaky clean and hygienic.

Pretend play sets and pretend play kitchen sets aren’t just a lot of fun, they can really help your child to develop in a host of other ways too. Handling a variety of objects and textures will provide a full sensory experience and improve their hand-eye coordination while interacting with others in play is a great way to build their social skills. As an adult, it can be hard to play with your child using imagination alone, but pretend play sets make it much easier by providing safe and fun objects to stimulate your adventures.

Role-playing using these play sets helps your child learn how to interact with the world, which is essential for their emotional well-being too. They can act out situations in a safe place, and you will have fun watching how they model themselves on the adults in their lives!

At The Toy Centre, we stock a range of beautiful wooden pretend play sets and pretend play kitchen sets which can really help spark creative play. Discover our full collection, including all types of food which can be sliced and put back together, kitchens, shops and work benches with tools.

Why not pretend play with food by adding Velcro toppings to pizzas or make sandwiches with different ingredients, not to mention birthday cakes with detachable candles which are great for playing tea parties. They can sell them in their own pretend play shop, or you can get any child used to eating their greens by introducing them through play and helping them cut and reassemble their vegetables.

Let your little one experience the magic of acting out the grown-ups’ duties, whether it’s cooking you a gourmet feast in a pretend play restaurant or pretend play kitchen, or serving you in a shop. A child’s imagination is limitless and the more they play, the more they learn and develop.

Pretend Play Kitchen Sets And Pretend Play Shops

What child isn’t fascinated by the world of shopping? Now they can get their hands on the buttons of the toy cash register, card reader and replenish shelves, or learn how to fill out a shopping list to buy all their essentials. Our pretend play shop sets offer a wealth of fun and can teach children about the responsibilities of spending money, as well as offer many opportunities to learn social, communication and maths skills.

But it’s not all about the kids! Role-playing can be just as much fun for the adults joining in as for the child. And they’re also equally great fun for little ones who want to play with other children or by themselves, offering up tons of great adventures.

Will you decide to go on a pretend picnic, shopping spree, fix a car or dine out in style? The choice is up to you and your little one as you explore our exciting world of pretend play at The Toy Centre!


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