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Wooden Puppet Theatres


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When it comes to children’s toys, you can’t beat the traditional wooden puppet theatre! Here at the Toy Centre, we have a variety of children’s puppet theatre toys that are sure to delight little ones and provide hours of fun and entertainment. Not only is every wooden puppet theatre durable, but the detail means that children feel as though they are really in a theatre. Each children’s puppet theatre is easy to move, so parents can set up the puppet theatre inside or even outside – if the weather permits!

The children’s puppet theatre by Tildo has the classic red and white checked gingham curtains, so children can pretend to open and close the show, as if it was in the West End! What’s more, this puppet theatre toy also allows children to write the title of the performance and any details they want to add, due to the large chalkboard at the bottom of the pretend puppet theatre.

Tildo haven’t stopped there with their puppet theatre range! The Tildo Play Shop and Theatre doubles up as both a theatre and a wooden play shop, so you can buy two toys for the price of two! This engaging toy really allows children to use their imagination, especially as the toy comes with a ticket machine, chalkboard, clock and counter area, so little ones have sold products to their friends and family, they can put on a performance with their puppets, which are perfect for storytelling!

A theatre wouldn’t be complete without popcorn! That is why Le Toy Van have created the Honeybake Popcorn Machine, that pops popcorn when the handle is held down and released. Beneficial for motor skills and learning to share with others, this is the perfect addition to any children’s puppet theatre.

Pretend Puppet Theatre Toys

These wooden puppet theatres are perfect for encouraging children to use their imagination and develop their story-telling skills. Performing their ideas with puppets in front of their friends, family and even other children at preschool, is a fantastic way to help them build their confidence, especially when the audience claps and cheers at the end!

Not only does a puppet theatre toy boost confidence, but they also help to develop hand/eye coordination, which is crucial at this young age. Pretend play brings an endless amount of benefits and fun to little one. In addition to proving stimulation of creativity and imagination, it also allows children to understand and express emotions better through acting out scenarios. They can gain an understanding of empathy too, as they learn to respect how other children may be feeling as a result of certain actions.

High Quality Children’s Puppet Theatres

Made from biodegradable, eco-friendly, high-quality sourced materials, every wooden puppet theatre is sturdy and safe, and are easy for adults to assemble! Ideal for developing motor skills and allowing children to explore freely in a non-competitive activity, every puppet theatre toy we have in stock is available at a competitive price to allow all children to enjoy the fun that the theatre has to offer!

Whether children opt for retelling a traditional fairy-tale, or creating a new story from their imagination, puppets and puppet theatres are perfect! For more information on how a children’s puppet theatre can be beneficial or to find the perfect wooden puppet theatre for your child, get in touch with a member of our helpful team at The Toy Centre. Browse our exciting range of traditional wooden puppet theatres, today.

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