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Haba toys continue to be popular over 80 years. Especially made to enthral baby, toddler and beyond, Haba toys have that inviting touch and feel. Moreover, their strong, vibrant colours immediately attract and engage young children. With beautiful designs and  high quality, these childrens’ toys are inventive, sustainable and classic. Notably, all toys are safely made from both wood and fabric. Furthermore, most are made in Germany as stated.

Haba Toys

Famous for over 80 years, it is good to know that Haba toys remain a brand with classic, imaginative and reliable toys for children. Since they began in 1939, Haba continue to create beautiful wooden toys for little ones. With a modern yet traditional style, Haba maintain strongly defined values appreciated by all. And now their selection has grown to include fabric play food, rattles and ball runs.

Whether pretend play food or outdoor play, Haba toys are designed to entertain and educate. By using different natural materials such as beech wood and soft fabrics to encourage a sense of touch and wonder. Plus different colours to attract young minds, Haba continue to be at the forefront of traditional toys. With classic shapes and styles that both endure and provide fun learning. In the same fashion, these toys also happily pass down the generations to create a treasured family heirloom.

As a trusted company, Haba maintain good and long-term working relationships with all their suppliers. For example, the solid wood used in their products comes from trusted suppliers used for many decades.

All products are designed in Germany. With most products also made  there too. Such as the Cat and Mouse Pegging Game. And to help you decide on your favoured Toy Centre products, we have stated where this is the case as we know that is important for many of our customers to know where products are sourced from. The materials used are sourced from sustainable forest management awarding all their toys with the PEFC seal.

Great attention to product detail

Haba develop games and toys that encourage children’s progress from the very start. Plus provide them with long-lasting enjoyment. Moreover, they attach special importance to unique designs. For example, the gorgeous natural and painted My First Noahs Ark. As well as the safety and quality of all products. Especially to ensure children’s eyes light up when they see their wonderful toys! Not only that, but Haba always want to give parents the confidence that they have made the best choice when they buy a Haba product.

The Toy Centre adore the range of Haba toys. With everything from natural wood to soft fabric, there is something for every parent and child. So explore the world of play, the Haba way!


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