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Toy Guitar Makes A Star

Twin mum and guest Blogger Ellen@Twinterest has done another very exciting product review with her two young girls, who have been enjoying Tidlo and Bigjigs toy guitars this month!

Ellen says:

Our girls played with a mini guitar at a friends house last summer and loved it! As Christmas approached, at 3 years old they really seemed to ‘get it’ this year that Santa might bring them presents (if they were good!) Therefore, the first thing they thought of asking for were their own guitars. I was actually happy with that request, as although they would be loud, it would make a change from the electronic noise from a lot of their other toys!

It also felt like a good toy to encourage coordination and I loved that it would hopefully develop their interest of music and rhythm.

Sometimes we choose to get the twins exactly the same thing so that there is no quarrelling, but with the guitars we thought it would be good for them to have their own design. The Toy Centre had 3 painted wooden guitars available and we opted for a white BigJigs one with colourful stars on, and a pale blue guitar from Tidlo. (There is too much pink in the house already for the other one!)

To say the girls were happy with their Christmas presents is an understatement!

The delight on their faces was wonderful when they unwrapped them, and they instantly started strumming away and stomping their foot like a porcupine (obviously seen the film ‘Sing’ a few too many times!)

Both guitars are very similar, but the BigJigs one came with a cardboard stand too. We are trying to teach the girls to look after their possessions, and they are doing a great job at standing their guitars against a wall or putting them somewhere safe so they don’t get broken. After all, they are wooden and although they feel sturdy, they wouldn’t take too well to being stood on!

They have played with them every day since they got them, and are actually improving too!

It’s brilliant that the guitars have actual strings, with real tuning pegs. None of us know how to tune a guitar, but there was a handy book with instructions with the BigJigs one. At the moment I’m not sure tuning would add to the melodic sounds we are hearing, but it’s useful for when the girls get a bit older! They enjoy twiddling the pegs and pretending they are tuning it themselves. At the moment they enjoy using their fingers to pluck the guitar strings, but both guitars did come with its own little plectrum.

It’s Christmas!

The size is perfect for our 3 year old girls and I reckon they will last them for many years. They are light enough for them to carry around easily and we’ve had to take them with us to grandparents houses on multiple occasions, so it’s good they are compact!

We are all really pleased with the guitars; it’s wonderful to see how much joy they bring the girls… now just watch this space for a twin duet on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Tuning up Tidlo Blue Guitar is easy mummy!

If you would like more information about the Bigjigs and Tidlo toy guitars, or be a guest writer for The Toy Centreget in touch with our friendly team, today.

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