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Why Puppet Play Is Good for Early Learning

Puppet toys engage children in a very unique way. Firstly, puppet play helps support oral language skills and communication. Secondly, they enhance social and emotional development. Not to mention, boost motor skills as they move the puppets around on their desired ‘stage’. (be it an armchair or a toy theatre) For example, which finger to move to make the puppet’s arms move! Most importantly, they help little ones to understand the world around them through both safe and imaginative play.

puppet play badger

Our gorgeous selection inspires creativity. And includes cuddly Dressed Animals. Equally fabulous as a soft toy in their own right! Meanwhile, Storytelling Puppets create a fairy story fit for a king and queen. So, when showtime begins, your child happily enters their own fantasy world of story-telling and magic!

Once you place a puppet on the hands of children, the stage is set for valuable learning opportunities in lots of development areas. So, let’s take a look.

Puppets Assist Communication and Language Development

Hand puppets and finger puppets all bring a gleam to children’s eyes. And a puppet theatre stands out as a safe place ‘behind the curtain’. Whereby young children gain confidence and interact more freely. Role play effectively develops oral language. In this way, they explore their knowledge and understanding of things around them. For instance, sharing is not so scary when a child talks through a puppet. So, enacting a fairy story with our storytelling puppet range happily encourages young actors. Moreover, the narrator could be our famous William Shakespeare puppet!

puppet play with shakespeare hand puppet by the puppet company

Social/Emotional Development Through Puppet Play

Talking through a puppet lets children explore feelings freely. As children play act, the puppets provide a sense of security. As a result, they feel less shy. So, it is easier for children to express their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, they learn to develop good interpersonal skills as they relate to the other puppet player. For example, when children are encouraged to take the role of others. Markedly, they learn to empathize. In particular, this helps them experience compassion and respect for the feelings of other people. So, a disagreement between a Dressed Frog Puppet and a Hedgehog provides an excellent opportunity to teach positive social skills!

puppet play hide away rabbit in a lettuce puppet set by the puppet company

Help Children Use Their Imagination

When children play with puppets, a whole new world opens up. Somewhere they are magically able to be anyone they want. One day, their puppet might be a prince saving his princess from the wicked witch. And the next day it might be a badger that is lost in the forest. Not to mention the Hideaway Finger Puppets hidden in a lettuce! With this in mind, the story possibilities are endless. So, it is helpful to create with children ideas they might use when playing with puppets. In other words, to help expand imagination and motivate new learning.

Puppet Inspiration

Peruse our fun and gorgeous range of puppets. And create a storytime kids will not forget. Moreover, our delightful selection also make adorable gifts for babies and children.