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Wooden Toy Vehicles and Construction Toys


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Discover Our Wooden Toy Cars, Boats and Planes

Always popular, wooden toy vehicles are ideal for children who adore toy cars. Strong and fun, they withstand many a time round the race track (or living room!) For sheer inspiration, see our toy car playsets. From Woodlands race car sets to wooden car garages there is everything a fledgling young driver could wish.

Beside toy cars, trucks and buses, other wooden toy vehicles increase the fun. For example, see our toy planes. For one thing, they invite imagination. Moreover, we even have planes that can be taken apart and rebuilt again. Such as our ever popular Janod Magnetic toys. Thereby making the perfect gift for kids who are budding mechanics.

Meanwhile, little ones explore mysteries of the ocean deep with wooden toy boats. Whether they are playing pirate games or counting the animals aboard Noah’s Ark, they will sail the seas with glee.

Wooden Toy Trains

Additionally, our range of wooden toy trains include gorgeous baby train sets such as that from Janod, On the other hand, our stacking train allows toddlers to learn through play as they build the train with colourful blocks. Similarly, for young children our super wooden train sets are the perfect introduction to the world of trains. For instance, the brilliant best value Tidlo selection 100 piece train set. Moreover, this could be the start of a lifelong interest.

Construction Toys

We have a large array of wooden construction toys. Kids adore the brightly coloured vehicles. And they immediately notice the fun to be had! Meanwhile, classic style mimics the real thing. And this enables young children to explore and invent many stories.

Tough and Strong

Our superb selection of wooden toy cars, lorries and trucks are fashioned to withstand much tough handling. Just like the real thing. We know that little hands like to invent tough challenges, so our toys are durable and strong. At the same time, super design encourages imaginative play. Additionally, the tactile feel of these wooden toys ensures that children want to engage. At the same time, bright colours attract attention. Moreover, these toys perform the task of honing young motor skills as they move, twist and turn the different vehicles in play.

Encourage Movement and Play

Toy vehicles really catch young children’s attention. For example, from the moment they see a toy car, they want to zoom it around the room. As such, they learn about movement and spacial awareness. Not to mention motor skills. As they move arms and legs to get around the room, they expand their creative flair too. As a result, these toys are an all round winner.




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