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Wooden Building Blocks & Stacking Toys


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Wooden building blocks and stacking toys feature fun and early learning in one! Ideal for babies and toddlers to engage in play and start to learn. See our fantastic traditional and contemporary range here.

Wooden building blocks and stacking toys at The Toy Centre, are perfect for little hands to develop and consolidate their hand-eye co-ordination. Not only are they educational, but they’re ideal for providing hours of entertainment too. Our range of wooden building blocks are unique, colourful and engaging, so they want to get involved with the toys. Due to the ideal size and the light weight of these wooden building blocks, little hands can easily stack the blocks with their nimble fingers. As well as wooden building blocks, we also stock Fabric Piling Cubes Charlie Punch from Haba, which are ideal as a starting point for babies.

Wooden Stacking Toys Toddlers

These wooden stacking toys toddlers are loved by all the family, due to the traditional style of these toys and their simplicity. Not only do these wooden stacking toys toddlers improve their developmental skills, but their imagination too. The bright colours and exciting shapes, combined with durability, makes these wooden stacking toys some of the best toys around. Due to the extensive range of stacking toys toddlers, there is a toy that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

These toys have integrated the classic design and idea of stacking toys and implemented a unique aspect, such as a rocker or making a stacking train, to provide even more fun than they previously did.

Children’s wooden building blocks can be used for more than just stacking; they can be used to teach cause and effect, as well as problem solving. They can even be utilised to introduce colours and counting, making them a multi-purpose and versatile toy. These children’s wooden building blocks can be used time and time again and all come with a recommended age, so you can be sure that your child is safe playing with their new favourite toy.

Choosing The Best Wooden Building Blocks

The Tildo Rainbow Cubes we have at The Toy Centre include numbers, animals and counting exercises, making it the perfect toy to improve their numeracy skills. Not only do they stack neatly, which are ideal for storage, but they are really appealing to children because of the beautiful illustrations.

If your children love Paddington Bear, the Orange Tree Toys Paddington Bear Stacking Toy will become a firm favourite. The toy is made up of a doughnut, marmalade sandwich, a cupcake, marmalade jam (of course) and Paddington Bear as the cherry on the top. This stacking toy has proven to be really popular with our younger customers. For those toddlers who want more of a challenge, the Forest Stacker Tower and Bag by Le Toy Van, requires you to stack a tower of forest animals as high as you can, which takes some serious concentration!

Requiring great attention to build the tower of the century, your child will really develop their thinking skills. Kids learn so much better when they can grasp and twist objects and feel the weight of a block to see if it will tumble the wall! Watch as children play with wonder at the exciting colours and shapes. It’s even more fun when they knock the structures down again!

Wooden Activity Cubes

At The Toy Centre, we have wooden activity cubes, building blocks and stacking toys for all tastes. Whether you want traditional wooden activity cubes, or to add a modern twist to the original with our colourful cubes, we have wooden building blocks that are suitable for every little one. What’s more, we keep our prices competitive, so everyone can afford to buy their children these unique and precious toys. This means that every child can improve their social skills, as they learn to interact with other children as they build towers together and knock them down again! Learning to cooperate and share from a young age is essential, which makes these wooden activity cubes and building blocks ideal for your child’s development.

Browse our range of children’s wooden building blocks to find the one that is the most suitable for your child, today.

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