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Wooden Garden Toys And Indoor Toys

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View Our Range Of Wooden Garden Toys And Indoor Toys

At The Toy Centre, we have a range of wooden garden toys that are suitable for toddlers and young children. Spending time outside in the fresh air and getting to know the environment that you live in is extremely beneficial for young children and their development. However, although we would love to spend all our time outside during the summer, sometimes the temperamental weather makes it difficult. Therefore, we have a range of both indoor and outdoor toys, so your children have toys to play with all year round, no matter what the weather is doing. Regardless of what their favourite activity or toy is, you are sure to find a toy that they will love in our range.

During meals, why not incorporate fun and colour to dinner time, by adding one of our Tildo Wooden Chairs to the table. The range of different animals’ available means that you can choose your child’s favourite animal.

Our widespread collection of wooden garden toys doesn’t end there. We have Wooden Playhouses  and wooden Sandpits, which add a unique touch to your garden. Wooden garden toys always fit seamlessly into any garden space due to their sleek and subtle design. Playhouses allow children to explore a new world and learn to share and play with others, without leaving the garden. The interactive features of the playhouse, including the chalkboard, post box, side table, windows and sink, allow children to create their own game and world and play either independently or with friends.

Wooden Outdoor Toys And Indoor Toys For Young Children

One of the best outdoor toys and indoor toys that you can invest in, are our ride on cars. The colours and designs that we stock are endless, so you can find one to suit your child. Not only do these cars provide hours of fun, but they also have multiple benefits for young children. Securely built, children can enjoy themselves as they fly around the garden or drive around slowly inside, and you can rest assured that the ride on cars are completely safe for them to ride. We even have accessories to add to play time, including the Baghera Retro Petrol Pump, so children can pretend to fill up their cars.  Due to the cars being suitable for play time both indoors and outdoors, these are a great investment for your children!

At The Toy Centre, we stock some of the best outdoor toys, in addition to the cars. From our Play Tents that are perfect for imaginative play, to our Trampolines which are ideal for keeping children fit and healthy, we have all the traditional and best outdoor toys you can think of. A firm favourite with young children is the Garden Trampoline. Due to the low height and no sides, this is ideal if you don’t want a large object in your garden.

If the weather is warm and dry, your children may want to help you in the garden with some gardening. Not only does this encourage them to help others and get outside, but it gives them the opportunity to learn more about fruit and vegetables.  We have all the equipment for children to use that has small grips for little hands. Our Bigjigs Wheelbarrow and Garden Tools are incredibly popular, so get yours before they all sell out!

Wooden outdoor toys, such as the Classic Skipping Rope by Le Toy Van encourage children to get active and improve their co-ordination as they swing the rope over their head and jump over it. Alternatively, if your child enjoys being creative, the Large Easel Paper Roll is ideal. Children can create a drawing after drawing, due to the paper roll being 50cm, wide and 20m long, so it can be enjoyed both inside and outside.

Our range of toys doesn’t end there! We have some stunning wooden toys that are perfect for children to play with all year round indoors. The Janod Caramel Wooden Rocking Horse will suit any home interior, due to its beautiful design. This rocking horse is a safe way for young children to develop their balance, thanks to the anti-tip system that keeps the child securely on the toy. Additionally, for our really young customers, we have Mobiles which can provide hours of fun for little ones in their nursery or bedrooms. We have a number of other goodies, such as our Money Boxes and we even have Toy Boxes, so children can put their toys away neatly afterwards.

For more information about our indoor toys and wooden outdoor toys, get in touch with a member of our team. We will help you to find the best outdoor toys and indoor toys for your children, so they can spend hours playing outside in the sun or inside away from bad weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Sell Ride On Toys For Children?

Yes we do! We are delighted to stock a wide range of ride on toys that are suitable for children of different ages. Our ride on toys are great for using outdoors, but some can even be used inside too, providing there is enough space!

What Type Of Outdoor Toys Do You Stock?

At The Toy Centre, we stock a variety of different outdoor toys for children of all abilities and ages. From forest trail kits to rounders sets and sandpits, there is something for all outdoor spaces, regardless of the size!

Do You Sell Furniture For Kids Rooms?

Yes! In addition to outdoor toys, we are delighted to stock fun and engaging wooden furniture for kids rooms. Browse our range and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

What Age Are The Bikes n’ Trikes Suitable For?

Next to all of our toys, including the bikes n’ trikes, you will find the age that the toy is most suitable for. This is to ensure that children are always safe when playing with any of the toys from The Toy Centre and you can just worry about them having fun with their new toy! If you are unsure whether a toy, such as the bikes n’ trikes are suitable for your little one, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can advise you.


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