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Toy Kitchens & Pretend Kitchen Toys


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Our Range Of Pretend Kitchen Toys

Play kitchens and shopping toys are guaranteed to be loved and enjoyed by the young imaginations of girls and boys. Perfect for both solo and shared play, all the pretend kitchen toys, including our wooden toy kitchen, are sure to bring hours of fun and learning to young children. Every pretend kitchen toy has been well constructed with non-toxic paint in appealing soft colours for young children. The durability of these pretend kitchen toys means that they can endure their continuous use and will always be safe to use, especially our wooden toy kitchen. Their ability to stand the test of time and undergo full enjoyment from children means your money has been well spent on a great investment!

All of our pretend kitchen toys are made specifically to appear as realistic kitchen utensils and tools, so children can feel as though they are really cooking like their parents. Young children always look up to their parents for guidance and as role models, that’s why these pretend kitchen toys make the perfect toy as they are able to copy their actions. With simple, yet specific details on each toy, such as crusts on the pizza, decoration on the biscuits, and clicking dials on the wooden toy kitchen, children can also learn about different foods by identifying them as they play with toys from our range. This is excellent for their cognitive development and enables them to recognise real foods when they eat them.

In addition to everyday kitchen utensils and equipment, we also have a range of stalls and shops available, to enhance the learning of children. From our wooden Goki Table Top Grocery Market Stall, allowing children to learn how to buy and sell goods, to our wooden Le Toy Van Honeybake Popcorn Machine, which enables them to spend hours pretending to sell show tickets and popcorn, all these pretend kitchen toys will give young children an introduction to a range of different job opportunities.

Pretend Kitchen Toys For All Ages

With our range of pretend kitchen toys, young chefs can be inspired through exploring the wide selection of foods available and the variety of colours they come in.  What’s more, they can learn to share toys with others, as well as develop communication skills that will be essential as they grow up. Everything young children do when they grow up is vital for their development and progression throughout their life, so allow them to gain beneficial skills now through our range of pretend kitchen toys. We don’t supply just wooden pretend kitchen toys, our Haba Biofino range are made out of a soft fabric, making them ideal for all ages, especially younger children. Additionally, we also stock very interactive products, such as our Melissa and Doug Wooden Cutting Fruit and Melissa and Doug Triple-Layer Party Cake, which are ideal for improving the hand-eye coordination of young children, as well as giving children the opportunity to pretend cutting up food.

All of our products from our pretend kitchen toys range are in stock and are available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown. Place your order today and your children can enjoy playing with educational and fun pretend kitchen toys!


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