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Wooden Shape Sorter Toy Range


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Choosing A Wooden Shape Sorter Toy

The shape sorter toy comes in a variety of beautiful styles and we have an extensive range of wooden shape sorter toys for you to choose from. Our colourful wooden toys have been designed to appeal to young children and provide hours of fun and entertainment. Not only is a wooden shape sorter toy exciting for little ones, but they also help young children to develop a range of important skills. In fact, we have a shape sorter toy that is suitable for each stage of development, from simple shape sorters that introduce shapes and colours, to clocks that also teach the time. Improving hand-eye co-ordination is vital for children, and these toys are the perfect way to encourage this, but in an appealing and engaging way.

Each wooden shape sorter toy is designed in a specific way to ensure that the quality toy is sturdy and durable, so they are safe for young children to use. A shape sorter toy allows children to learn different shapes independently, as they try to fit the shapes into the right hole. The sense of achievement young children have when they successfully get the shape into the hole is beautiful to see and will encourage them to continue with the rest of the shapes.

For those a little older who want to improve their hand and eye coordination, Tildo My First Hammer Bench is ideal. The small mallet must be used to hit the six coloured pegs out of the spaces, meaning a lot of though process is required!

Children’s Toy Shape Sorter Collection

Our children’s toy shape sorter range is perfect for little hands, due to the blocks being small and light to pick up. Our collection of shape sorter toys for children goes one step further, as we have a Giraffe Ride On which can be ridden around and is a great friend for your child. With sturdy wheels, shape sorter holes on the side and wooden handles to hold on too, this will soon become a firm favourite for your little one.

A children’s toy shape sorter has been an entertaining yet challenging toy for centuries, and our range has put a modern twist on the original. Toddlers love to grasp the differently coloured, sturdy wooden shapes and attempt to fit them into the matching holes. The shape sorter toy is a great way to test cause and effect and problem-solving skills, which enhances children’s self-esteem as they solve the problem.

At The Toy Centre, we have toy shape sorter toys that you would be proud to give as a gift, due to the thought that has gone into the detail of the designs. From the Tildo High Tea Shape Matching to the Tildo Animal Sorting Cube, you can find a children’s toy shape sorter that is suitable for your young child. We certainly love the wooden shape sorter toy at The Toy Centre, and you will too! Browse our range and buy a shape sorter toy, or two, today!


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