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We have a great range of bright and colourful wooden shape sorters that your baby or toddler will absolutely adore. A jolly fun challenge for young toddlers to discover shape and colour.

Shape Sorters

Our shape sorter toys come in a variety of beautiful styles. Colourful wooden toys designed to appeal to young children. And wooden shape sorters are a brilliant way for babies to develop a whole range of important skills. Such as hand-eye co-ordination. Alongside shape and colour recognition of course! All toys lovingly made to entertain and educate in a fun way. These wooden shape sorter toys for babies are durable, gorgeous and ideally suited to little hands. Besides being extremely tactile and safe.

We love the different model themes and brilliant colours. All have an assortment of different shaped pieces. Just right for baby to shape match. Equally, beautifully crafted bricks and cubes inspire children to use their hands with exact movements. In like manner, familiar themes that kids adore encourage educational play. For example, animal themes and cupcakes! With something appeal to every young child, we know these wooden toys will become firm favourites. Be it a Pink Mouse sorter or a toy hammer bench. Here you will find bright wooden shape sorter toys for babies to play as they learn.

What We Love About Wooden Shape Sorters

Shape sorting toys are so much more than just plugging the right piece into the right hole. Our classic selection of traditional wooden shape sorter toys for young children are entertaining pieces that have challenged youngsters for centuries. Toddlers love to grasp the differently coloured, sturdy wooden shapes and attempting to fit them into the matching holes. Testing cause and effect, their problem-solving skills are developed. As they learn about shapes and colour, their self-esteem is enhanced as they develop fine motor skills. Likewise gives children hours of entertainment as they pick the correctly shaped cube. Some of our toys even assist in counting practice and learning to tell the time!

Shape sorters are surely one of the best early learning toys around. And we certainly love them at The Toy Centre. A classic wooden toy for babies and toddlers. That’s shape sorting sorted!




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