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Toys for 4 Year olds


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Kids love to get creative and play jolly make believe games at 4 years old. Moreover, they adore to discover, explore and learn. But most of all have fun! So, whether you are looking for a dolls house, painting and drawing toys, toy cars or child-sized play food. Browse our range of perfect toys for 4 year old children here.

Best Toys For 4 Year Olds

Four is a big milestone year for children. As many youngsters start preschool. However, kids at this age can be a bit choosy. Which is why you might need a little help from The Toy Centre. To help pick the right toys for your four year old.

To choose a great present for four year olds, remember that children at this age have longer attention spans than toddlers. Also, they ask lots of questions. Plus, they adore to experiment with their toys. Therefore, an animal soft toy might go for a walk in a toy pram or possibly wooden animals sail a pirate ship! Notably, they also learn how to play with friends. To share toys and co-operate in kids games. Including Board Games. In general, the toy groups that apply to age four include:


Furthermore, four year olds are able to articulate what they like and care about. So, get ready for songs sung from memory as they bash away on their toy musical instruments. As your child develops greater self-control and inventiveness, notice that his or her pretend play gains more complex and imaginative ideas. Therefore, a play kitchen might cook up a feast one day or be part of a restaurant setting the next!

A four year old will also know their name. Not only that, but that will be able to name some colours. In the same fashion, they have learnt some numbers. Equally, they begin to grasp the idea of time. We have a selection of wooden letters, numbers and traditional counting aids to encourage children with their literacy and numeracy skills. Such as the brilliant Alex Toys Ready Set educational range. Includes counting, dinosaur craft making and more.

Meanwhile, with your child’s ever-improving finger dexterity, they can hold pens and paintbrushes with a more mature grip. In like manner, better eye-hand co-ordination means he or she can play with toys that contain slightly smaller part or are that bit more fiddly. Furthermore, little ones are now able to draw an actual human being. With up to four body parts. With this in mind, our Doctors Set or Hospital play set are ideal.

Kids really to show their own individual personality by age four. And have their special favourite toys and characters. And they definitely have strong opinions. So, no hesitation in telling you what they do and don’t like! As some children will adore painting and drawing, others will want to get outside and run a wheelbarrow around the garden. At the same time, others love to run around and play catch when you visit the park or playground. Or maybe play in a wigwam! Then again, kids are now able to imagine that they are someone else. Therefore, imaginative games abound as children engage with Fire Engine sets, Police cars and aeroplanes. Together with their playmates, little ones explore their creativity with music sets. Possibly starting their own nursery band. The sky is the limit with these imaginative toys.

Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

4 year old boys love adventure and exploring their surroundings. And it is important to realize that aged 4, little boys lives whirl around fierce levels of imagination and ceaseless curiosity. So choosing the right toys for your little one can really benefit your child. Especially developing their particular talents and skills. By and large, children absorb more when they are relaxed and free to discover things. Therefore, pedal and ride on cars greatly assist with mobility and spatial awareness as kids race or trundle around. Additionally, a bike or tricycle adds boundless fun as kids learn to balance and ride.

Many of the best toys for 4-year-old boys involve role play. Coupled with friendly competition! Essentially, these toys allow kids to improve their social interactions, educational skills, and explore their interests at the same time. Given these points, a toy workbench and tool kit fits the bill perfectly. Meanwhile, construction toys, garage sets and toy car sets help encourage imaginative skills and motor skills. So no matter what your child likes, you will find the perfect gift here for your little boy. From pirate, police and fire action figures to educational toys like building blocks, crafty sets like the fabulous Melissa and Doug Decorate Your Own Jet Plane and puzzles.

Toys For 4 Year Old Girls

Discover our beautiful toys for 4 year old girls at The Toy Centre. Moreover, we firmly believe in the power of educational play. And the best gifts for 4 year old girls will definitely encourage their growing sense of imagination and creativity. Together with arts and crafts, four year old girls also adore role play toys, jigsaws and puzzles. On the other hand, we also know that learning also involves getting outside and exploring the science of the big outdoors. So gardening kits are always as a big hit as children nurture young seedlings and patrol their garden patch for weeds. Essentially, all our toys encourage learning through play.

Here, you will find traditional favourites such as ragdolls, toy cradles and wooden dolls houses. Plus creative easel sets, early sewing kits and even a magic wand! Pink naturally attracts four year old girls. And is featured heavily in play sets such as the Little Miss Vanity Case. Although, you will find a variety of different colours displayed on our site. As everyone likes different colours! Essentially, our top gifts for four year old girls advance their growing sense of independence and manners. Plus encourage team work as children learn to play together.

So as you can see, toys for age 4 are many and varied. As they cater for someone who is now a little individual! Moreover, someone who has a bright and enquiring mind. And remember, all toys are meant to be played with and mixed and matched by boys and girls. It’s all part of the play fun experience! For more information about our best toys for four year olds range we stock at The Toy Centre, get in touch with our helpful team, today.


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