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Wooden Kids Tool Set


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A wooden kids tool set and workbenches make the perfect toy for young children who love to get involved and try to help. With tools that mirror those in a real tool kit, children can mimic their parents with a toy tool set and workbench. Regardless of how old they are, our kids tool set range is suitable for toddlers and children who are older. Browse our wooden tool set stock to find the one most suitable for your little one, below.

Wooden Tool Set For Children

Workbenches are perfect fir children who like to create and fix things. The Janod Brico Kids DIY Magnetic Trolley is a perfect example of a kids tool set that will provide hours of endless fun. Suitable for children even as young as 18months, the trolley is safe to play with, durable and the pieces are less likely to get lost as they attach to the trolley. This exciting feature comes with 18 accessories, including 4 screws, 4 nails, 4 bolts, 2 planks with 2 holes, 2 planks with 4 holes and 2 planks with 3 holes, so little ones have plenty of parts to play with on this kids tool set.

For older children, the Tildo Toy Workbench includes a saw, hammer, vice, screwdriver, spanner and a sturdy floor standing design. These handy accessories in the wooden tool kit enables young busy builders to let their imagination run wild!

In addition to the kids tool set range, we also stock products that are suitable for toddlers, such as the Brico Kids Tool Box. This popular product teaches children about different shapes, colours and even develops their hand eye coordination. For those who want a mobile toy tool set, Janod Brico Kids DIY Truck allows you to carry a 17-piece play set, so little builders are ready for anything!

Benefits Of A Toy Tool Set

The wooden tool kit range at The Toy Centre is full of beautifully and carefully created wooden toys, which have been designed down to the last detail. The appealing bold colours are engaging for little ones. Children that play with a wooden tool set are able to learn how to play individually, but also with others, in turn teaching them to share. A wooden tool kit sparks the imagination of children, as they bring their own imagination to life in their own stories. As each wooden tool set is sturdy, you can be sure that your little one is safe when they are playing with the toys. Additionally, the durability of the toy tool set will mean that this toy will be able to be used time and time again.

If you would like to find out more about our kids tool set range, get in touch with our team. Alternatively, browse our wooden tool kit stock to find the one that ticks all the boxes for your little builder!

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