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Wooden Playsets

Toy Playsets inspire little ones imaginations. And The Toy Centre is passionate about Wooden Playsets. We love the feel, look and sheer inspiration of these beautiful wooden toys. So together, these superb toys motivate young children. By their engaging nature, wooden toys often require more involvement in play. As a result, they inspire children to touch, build and experiment. Therefore, developing those oh so important fine motor skills.

At the Toy Centre, we bring together some of the best examples of role play toys from some of the best known children’s brands. So, if you and your child want to play house with one of our fantastic wooden Dolls Houses. Or mechanics and builders with our Toy Garages, Cars and Construction Vehicles , there are so many ways to inspire your little ones with these exciting wooden playsets.

Our large selection of beautiful childrens play sets encourage toddlers to invent and experiment. For example, as they discover and explore, their imaginative stories engage and delight. To illustrate this, watch young children play farmers with farm play sets. Meanwhile, emergency services playsets bring their own special drama. Children thoroughly enjoy making up police and fire engine scenarios. Or maybe play doctor at the hospital. A toddler playset inspires many adventures!

Traditional wooden role play sets, in particular, deliver a special charm. Bringing back memories for many parents and grandparents. The traditional playsets motivate children to pretend play the old-fashioned way. Think wooden games, exciting pirate ships and classic train sets to name just a few. At the same time, some of our classic play sets evoke a contemporary feel.

Made from long lasting, high quality materials. Indeed, everything in our selection of play sets has been designed with your child’s safety in mind. Furthermore, due to the fact that we know children don’t stay clean for long, our wooden play sets can also be wiped down easily to keep your little one’s toys squeaky clean and hygienic.

Accordingly, parents as well as children will adore these wooden toys’ delightful good looks in the home.  Toys to cherish and hand down the generations. All our Wooden Toys are ecologically sourced and only use water based non-toxic colours.

For more on our wonderful world of wooden toys, read our informative Blog page.

Browse the entire Toy Playset collection or go to a particular category from the menu. All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery unless otherwise shown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Toy Playsets Do You Have Available?

At The Toy Centre, we have a wide range of toy playsets available, including castle and pirate toys, kids learning games, toy vehicles and construction and wooden toy farm and animal toys.

Are Your Toy Playsets Suitable For Babies and Toddlers?

Our toy playsets are suitable for little ones, with all of our products having the recommended age in their product descriptions.

Which Brands Do You Stock In Your Toy Playsets Section?

We are proud to stock a variety of popular brands, including Lanka Kade Toys, Tender Leaf and Janod. When browsing our toy playsets, you can sort our products by your favourite brands.

Are Toy Playsets Beneficial For The Development Of Young Children?

Yes! Toy playsets are really beneficial for the development of young children for a number of reasons. Children are able to use their own imagination to create games that they can play on their own, with friends or with their parents. Sensory play can help to stimulate your child’s senses as your child develops their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Toy playsets also enable little ones to learn how to overcome problem solving too, which is important for further development.

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