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Outdoor Garden Toys For Young Children 

During the summer months, what better way to allow your little ones to become more adventurous and appreciate the beautiful outdoors than by playing outside in the garden. Instead of being stuck inside in front of a screen, give your children the independence and freedom they crave by filling your garden with exciting toys and activities to do. Encouraging them to get to know the outdoors is a great way to help with their development. Here at The Toy Centre, we have an array of outdoor garden toys which are perfect for you and your young children to play together with.

During the educational stages of growing up, it’s important that you allow children to participate in interactive learning as it helps them to remember better as they enjoy themselves. Gardening is the ideal way for children to improve their hand-eye-coordination, as well as understand planting seeds and what it takes for them to grow. We have a range of outdoor garden toys which are perfect for little hands and fingers and are safe to play with, such as our Bigjigs Wheelbarrow and Bigjigs Character Garden Tools. In fact, we even have a Small Tote Bag with Tools and My First Green Bean Growing Kit, which include everything children need to start growing their own food and learning how to care for something. Young children love to watch plants grow and watch every day as it gets bigger and bigger. What’s more, these outdoor garden toys can be given as a gift and are sure to be gratefully received.

View Our Range Of Wooden Garden Toys

Encouraging children to spend time outside is great for their health as they breathe in the fresh air around them. Even if you only have a small garden or outside area, our range of wooden garden toys can fit into the smallest of spaces.

Sandpits are great fun as they allow children to continue to make different creations in the sand either on their own or with friends. We have a number of different wooden sandpits that are ideal for all ages. Our Pirate Sandboat is a firm favourite with our young customers. With its detailed design, children can spend hours pretending to be pirates with their friends, as they use the shovels to dig up treasure, whilst staying in the shade thanks to the canopy over the boat. In addition to sandpits, we have other wooden garden toys too, including our Tree Swing. As long as you have a tree in your backyard or garden, this swing can provide hours of fun for ages 3-12. The traditional swing is a lovely addition to the garden and is easy to assemble. We also have a Wooden See-Saw as part of our selection of wooden garden toys, which is built to last. Its traditional appearance means that it will fit seamlessly into your garden.

Garden Toys For Toddlers

As well as wooden garden toys, we have other garden toys for toddlers which are safe and affordable. Take our Outdoor Table and Bench Set for example. This set is the ideal size for children and comes with cushions for extra comfort and an umbrella to protect them from the hot sun. Whether children decide to play their own imaginative game with the table, or they eat their own lunch on there, it will look great in a garden or on a patio.

Make the most of the warmer weather and spend time outside with your children by investing in our garden toys for toddlers. All of our toys are safe and have an appropriate age in their descriptions, so you can provide your children with hours of fun and be sure that what they are playing with isn’t dangerous. For more information about our garden toys for toddlers, get in touch with a member of our team, today.

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