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We have a fantastic range of traditional and retro inspired pedal cars and fire trucks which are great value for money as they are built to last due to their metal bodies, adjustable pedals and rubber tyres. We can’t think of a single child who wouldn’t love to have their very own pedal car, so which one will you choose to put the biggest smile you have ever seen on a child’s face?

Finding The Perfect Pedal Car


A pedal car provides hours of fun and laughter for children, and we have a selection of the latest toy pedal cars for you to choose from. Ideal for young children, we have the classic pedal car in stock in various different cars and colours, so finding the perfect pedal car for your child or to give as a gift is easy at The Toy Centre.

Each pedal car that we stock is sure to become a favourite toy for your young child, which can be passed down through generations. The stylish and sleek designs of the toy pedal car mean that they won’t ever go out of fashion! Even though the appearance is important, the looks aren’t everything! When buying a pedal car for a young child you want to ensure that it has been built to last. It needs to be durable and safe, which is what these toy pedal cars are! The tough rubber wheels and sturdy structure of the body mean that your child can spend hours pretending to drive around and even race, and the fun will never end!

The Classic Blue Pedal Car is perfect for young children who want to ‘go fast’ due to the racing design on the top and sides. Alternatively, if you think that your child would prefer to drive something a bit more retro, then the Classic Green Pedal Car is ideal! Made out of sturdy metal with adjustable pedal positions, this toy pedal car will last for years! If you have a young firefighter on your hands, our Fire Engine Flame Red Pedal Truck comes with exciting accessories that encourage imaginative play for young children.

Toy Pedal Cars For Young Children

Toy pedal cars come with many benefits, making them the perfect gift for young children. Firstly, they encourage physical exercise for children, so they can have fun and strengthen the muscles in their legs at the same time! Toy pedal cars also give young children the opportunity to explore the outdoors and create their own games, which is better than them being stuck inside all the time. This helps young children to develop their sense of adventure, as well as allow them to be independent. However, what’s great about the toy pedal cars is that you can play with them too, so they can either play alone or with someone else. What’s more, toy pedal cars are a beneficial way to encourage group play, so young children can learn to play fairly with each other and socialise.

A pedal car is also a fantastic way to help young children to develop their balance. Each of our toy pedal cars has an appropriate age on them, so you can be sure that they are playing with a toy that is ideal for their developmental age. For more information about our toy pedal cars, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can recommend the best pedal car for your child.

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