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Discover the world of Papo toys. Uniquely hand painted toys designed to stimulate children’s imaginations everywhere.

For almost 25 years now, Papo has been helping children to grow and to discover the world around them. So explore with us. And meet Medieval Worlds with princesses and knights. Or swashbuckling Papo pirates looking for treasure.

After all, childhood is a time of dreams…

Papo and a time of childhood dreams…

Papo toys are designed and created to help children to grow and discover the world around them. And have been for almost 25 years now. As childhood is a time of dreams and adventures, this is what Papo had in mind when they decided to create their first princesses, princes, dragons and knights.

Papo is now a reference in the world of model figures. Winning over children and parents alike with original designs. For example, our colourful, hand painted Pirate and Medieval figures. For the purpose of stimulating children’s imaginations. In the same fashion, Papo continue to develop new ranges. Thus inspire the imaginations of children everywhere. And greatly add to any child’s imaginative Castle or Pirate ship playtime!

Papo Collectibles

Not only a lot of fun for children, Papo are also a hit with grown ups!

Due in no small part to the high quality and realism of their designs. Papo figurines are also very popular with many collectors and specialists worldwide.

Moreover, these toys are built to last. In an age of mass consumption and throwaway goods, it is good to know that Papo continues to produce fine quality toys that last over time. Not to mention that can be passed down the generations.

Product Quality

Papo figurines are 100% French designed. Furthermore, all figures are hand painted. And Papo’s extreme attention to detail is recognised worldwide. With the finished results so impressive that you expect figurines are about to move!

Extreme care is taken with product quality and safety. All figures are manufactured in strict compliance with international safety rules. Plus tested by approved laboratories. Thus parents can rest assured with these high quality toys.

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