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At The Toy Centre, we stock an extensive range of beautifully painted and decorated wooden animal toys suitable for children and toddlers to play with. Sparking young imaginations, children can spend hours entertaining themselves with these wooden animal toys as they create exciting stories on their own or with their friends.

Wooden animal toys have so many educational benefits for children, as they learn about different animals and the noises they make in a fun, interactive and colourful environment. Our collection includes leading brands, such as Tender Leaf Toys, Bigjigs Toys, Tildo and Le Toy Van, to name a few. Browse our range of wooden animal toys to find the most suitable animal for your little one, below.

Wooden Animal Toys For Toddlers

Wooden toys are great for young children, including toddlers, as they’re durable and chunky, so they’re less likely to get damaged if children are rough with the toys. These timeless, classic toys continue to be a family favourite that can be passed down through generations, as they maintain their same appearance.

Our push along wooden animal toys for toddlers encourage little ones to become more established on their feet, as they enjoy taking their toy for a walk. This traditional toy is great for helping with mobility and comes with clacking beads that make a noise as the wheels turn, encouraging little ones to take their first steps. Popular push along wooden animal toys for toddlers in our range include Pink Mouse and Push Along Rabbit. We also have pull along Penguins, which have proven to be a popular choice with our younger customers!

Our other wooden animal toys for toddlers include the Tildo Chunky Farm Puzzle and Tildo Animal Sorting Cube, which are well-decorated, making them appealing for toddlers to play with as they improve their hand-eye co-ordination. Not only can little ones practice naming animals, but they can learn about different shapes too with these wooden animal toys for toddlers.

Quality Wooden Animal Toys For Children

For slighter older children, our range of wooden animal toys including farm and barn sets, and animal bundles are ideal. Children can use their imagination to incorporate the pieces into a story. The Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set comes with chunky and colourful wooden pieces and characters that are ideal for little hands. The portable barn set comes in its own carry case, so you can keep your children entertained on the go too!

Children can spend hours learning more about their favourite farm animals and where they live with the Oldfield Farm by Tildo. This farm comes with everything needed for children to create farmyard tales and the beautifully painted products bring the wooden animal toys to life. Every farm needs animals and the Tildo Farm Animals pack is perfect, packed full of character and life! Included in the set is 2 pigs, 2 cows, 2 chickens, 2 lambs and 2 ducks, perfect for farm fun!

If you would like more information about our range of wooden animal toys, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today.

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