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Sit and ride toys are a brilliant way for toddlers and young children to develop a whole range of motor skills, including improving their balance, developing greater spatial awareness and building on their hand-eye coordination. As they become better at using their sit-on toys, they’ll also grow in confidence and develop a greater sense of independence, as well as keeping active and away from screens.

Ride On Cars For Toddlers

We have a wide range of ride on cars for toddlers, meaning you’ll easily be able to find the perfect toys for your little ones.

Among our most popular cars are the classic metal racers, which showcase traditional 1920s-style design and are beautifully crafted from high-quality materials. Your mini motorists could soon be zooming around your home and garden on a ride-on car fit for any racer, providing countless hours of fun and entertainment.

Cars appeal to both girls and boys, so there are a range of styles and colours you can choose from. There are more feminine models such as the pretty SusiBelle or the Baghera Petal Pink car, while little boys might be more drawn to the Flame Classic car or the blue Baghera Speedster. In between you’ll find red, black, purple, grey and green models, so your little ones can choose their favourite colours and get racing.

In the months after they begin to take their first steps, ride on toys for one year old’s can be a good way for your toddler to improve their balance. The car gives them something to hold on to and support themselves with as they begin to practise walking without you to help them, seeing them increase their toddling skills and gain confidence. With the help of a sit and ride toy, they’ll be running around your home in no time!

Sit And Ride Toys

For slightly older children, we have the perfect selection of sit and ride toys to help them keep building on their motor skills and stay active. Our ride on toys for one-year-old children are guaranteed to get them moving and provide them with hours of entertainment, with a large selection in various colours and styles.

When they reach their first birthdays, it’s important your little ones start to develop their sense of independence and grow in confidence before they start nursery and are surrounded by other children. Ride on toys for 1 year old children can be the perfect way for them to start taking those first steps and enjoy a new-found sense of freedom.

You don’t have to be limited to cars either, as we also stock other forms of transport such as Red Retro plane and the Goki Red fire truck! There’s also the space-age looking Black Twister Baghera and for children who are learning their shapes, the wooden giraffe ride on with wooden shape sorter is ideal for a one-year-old.

Getting a ride on toy for one-year-old children makes the perfect first or second birthday present. Unlike other toys which might come and go, ride on cars for toddlers have been with us for many years and are part of our shared childhood tradition, making them the perfect gift for your little ones. What’s more, they will last them throughout their toddler years and grow with them, helping them learn new skills and have fun at the same time.

Children learn fastest through play, so choose your ride on cars for toddlers today and see their faces light up!


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The Toy Centre is an online retailer of quality traditional children's toys, gifts and furniture items. Many of our stylish looking toys make beautiful additions to the home and become cherished items that can be passed down to later generations. We offer the best selection of WOODEN TOYS available online, classic PEDAL CARS and RIDE ON TOYS as well as a terrific choice in contemporary playsets. All of our products are beautifully designed, long lasting and certified safe for the use of children.

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