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Musical toys are fun for babies, toddlers and older children too. With it never being too early to introduce toy musical instruments, you can give your little one the joy of banging, tapping or shaking something, whilst learning about timing and rhythm too. Musical toys are the perfect way for young children to express themselves and test their creativity. Browse our musical toys to find the one that will spark your child’s imagination, below.

Musical Toys For Toddlers

At The Toy Centre, we have a wide variety of musical toys for toddlers. All wooden musical toys in our range have been carefully designed to give your child the most fun, but also to be safe and engaging for them to use. The beautiful patterns, designs and colours for all our toy musical instruments help to encourage little ones to get creative and musical!

The Lion and Monkey Maraca Set is a popular choice for those looking for musical toys for toddlers, as they’re easy for their small hands to hold, but also create an exciting sound. The brightly hand-painted maracas are fun for little ones to shake and rattle in a rhythm that suits them! Other excellent musical toys for toddlers, including the Orange Tree Toys Unicorn Xylophone that comes with 2 drumsticks and 5 colour keys for them to enjoy playing, plus the 5 Haba Musical Eggs that each have a different sound! Please note that these colourful musical eggs are decorated with non-toxic paint, so are safe musical toys for toddlers to play with.

Musical Toys For Kids

For older children, we also have a range of toy pianos and guitars available in a variety of colours, including pink, blue and white, so you can choose the best colour for your child. Our musical toys for kids range also includes mini tambourines and rainbow recorders, all of which are great for improving hand-eye co-ordination and are all ideal for an introduction to music too.

If you want to treat your little one to a musical treat, we have the Janod Confetti Musical Set that comes with an eight note metal xylophone, a flute, a tambourine with cymbals, a pair of wooden clackers and two drumsticks. This is a great way to introduce little ones to the joy of creating music and gives them the opportunity to choose the sound and instrument that they like the most. We also stock the Janod Live Music Set, which is great for sharing with friends and forming a band that can even perform for you! Made up of 5 beautiful wooden musical toys for kids, this set included all the instruments a band would need, including a wooden guitar, harmonica, tambourine, wooden clapper and trumpet!

Benefits Of Toy Musical Instruments

Musical instruments have so many benefits for children all of ages. From teaching patience, as the instrument takes time to perfect and requires dedication and practice, to teaching how to read music and encouraging self-expression. By introducing toy musical instruments to a young child they can begin to discover if they are musical and if they wish to enhance their musical skills further when they grow up.

For little ones, playing with musical toys helps to develop their fine motor skills, social skills and boost their cognitive skills too. By learning that if you tap one key on a keyboard or pluck a certain string on the guitar it will sound different to another key or string, this also enables children to enhance their memory.

If you would like more information about our wooden musical toys, contact our team. We can help you to find musical toys for your littles ones.

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