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Haba Biofino Fabric Play Food Blog by Old Ted

Hi Fans, Ted here! My very first Blog. I am so excited! I have been asked to write a review of Haba Fabric Play Food… so here goes….

Haba Sponge Roll

Uuuummmmm… sorry, caught me choosing my tea! Haba Biofino Fabric Play Food is so bright and colourful it is sure to appeal to young eyes. The soft fabric play food is not only tasty looking but very durable too. I invited some of my toddler friends to a Pretend Play tea party last week and we had Haba Sponge Roll and Petit Fours. These little soft toy cakes are beautifully decorated with embroidery and beading. We had a bit of rough and tumble whilst sharing out, but no stitches have come out and the food has remained intact. A gentle machine cold wash (at 30C so Mum says. Oh, and if the food is small you might want to put it in a pillow case first) and air dry will soon sort out our jammy fingerprints.

Haba Play Food is great for kitchen and shopping role play. I particularly like playing Chef. Pretending to cook on my play kitchen AND use my toy saucepans! Talking of which… I have decided on Haba Hamburger and French Fries for tea. I can change the toppings around, don’t fancy lettuce today. Might squirt some Haba Ketchup on though. Squeeze the bottle and out comes a length of red yarn. Mind you, I could have a Fried Egg – great fun to crack the metal egg and out comes a perfectly cooked fried egg! Really does all look good enough to eat….. Obviously a healthy desert, like the delectable Banana..the skin peels back just like the real thing!

Play Shop with my pals is fun. We get to buy and sell our soft toy goodies like Haba Biofino Ravioli In A Tin. I love the pretty tin decoration. A quick peek inside reveals red felt sauce and beautiful little felt ravioli pads.

Most Haba Fabric Foods are suitable for 3 years and up due to some of the pieces being quite small (don’t want anyone choking).

There are endless play variations for this play food which will keep children entertained for hours. Certainly did me!

See you next time!



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