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The Puppet Company produce magical puppets of all shapes and sizes. In like manner, they cleverly capture the essence of what makes a special toy. With this in mind, they allow the user to be happily creative. Not only that, but to entertain and have fun! Browse our super puppet range here.

Why Choose Our Puppet Company Puppets

Inspired by an ability to translate almost any animal or character into a beautifully made and well-functioning puppet, The Puppet Company produce hand puppets, finger puppets and more. Moreover, these puppets are very competitively priced.

The Puppet Company puppets demand to be played with. And make a terrific addition to our Play Theatres.

Puppet Ranges

Gorgeous puppet ranges vary as more are produced.

We love the ever-popular Dressed Animals hand puppets. As they evoke a very Wind In The Willows feel. For this reason, these adorable puppets are ideal for storytelling and puppet shows. Correspondingly, eight marvellous designs allow children of all ages to tell fun tales. Likewise, each animal is lovingly designed. Moreover, the nostalgic costumes make these toys super collectable.

Each Dressed Animal puppet also makes a wonderful soft toy. So, doubles up as the perfect gift.

Brand new for 2019

The Story Tellers range actively invites creative play. As character puppets from classic stories make an appearance.

Designed to fit both a childs’ and adults hands, these puppets allow you to retell favourite nursery rhymes, stories and tales. And all from inside a puppet theatre or behind the sofa!

In like manner, The Puppet company have cleverly created a Shakespeare hand puppet. As part of the Time for a Story range, this hand puppet is the perfect addition to narrate or take part in any play. Being made from plush materials, he is both cuddly, soft and very willing to tell a tale or two.

Puppet Design and Manufacture

All products are developed by The Puppet company’s own team. Based in the UK. Meanwhile, puppets are manufactured in the Far East by factories which are regularly visited by ourselves and our representatives to ensure that production is of the best quality and that the workers’ conditions are of the highest standards.

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