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Wooden Kids Tool Set Toys


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If your children are creative and love to help you with repairing and building things, our wooden kids tool set range is ideal. Children can mirror their parents, as they use the toy hammers, workbenches and a variety of other tools in the kids tool set to help their parents around the house. Regardless of the weather, these toys can be either played with inside or outside, as they’re versatile and easy to move around. Browse our wooden kids tool set range, below.

Kids Tool Set Products

At The Toy Centre, we stock leading brands, including Janod and Tidlo. A perfect example of a kids tool set that will provide your children with hours of fun is the Tender Leaf Toys Tool Bench. Children even as young as 3 years can play with this workbench, which includes 18 accessories. These include a saw, hammer, drill, measuring table, clamp and circular saw. The durable workbench has all the features suitable for young children to play with.

We also have a kids tool set range ideal for toddlers to play with due to the size of the tools. The Brico Kids Tool Box helps to teach children about different colours and shapes, as they develop their hand eye coordination.

Older children can use the Tidlo Toy Workbench to let their imagination run wild. With a sturdy floor standing design, kids can get to work on creating or fixing anything they need to. The workbench even comes with a hammer, saw, spanner, vice and screwdriver, so young builders can really bring their story to life!

Benefits Of Kids Tool Set Toys

Like all pretend play sets, kids tool set toys are excellent for sparking the imagination of your little one. With our extensive carefully crafted wooden kids toy set range, you can easily find a workbench and tools that your little one will love. All the products in our collection have been designed down to the last detail, to make the tools appear more realistic and bring children’s games to life.

When children play with kids tool set toys they are able to learn about how to share with others and play independently. All children, regardless of their age, are able to develop their creativity and hand-eye coordination when they play with kids tool set toys from our range. All the pieces of these toys are safe for littles ones to use and are durable, so they are unlikely to break and cause any damage, so they can be enjoyed time and time again. The bright colours are engaging for young children, as they learn about what different tools do and the different actions they require.

If you would like any more information about our kids tool set toys, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Browse our toys to find the kids tool set that ticks all the boxes for your little builder.

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