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Baby And Toddler Wooden Puzzles For Fun And Learning

We all like to play with puzzles and young children are no different. Baby and Toddler Wooden Puzzles supply fun whilst learning in abundance. Young children are intrigued as the pieces challenge them. The brightly coloured pieces and different shapes interest and excite their senses. Many skills such as problem solving, cognitive skills plus hand-eye co-ordination can all be discovered in puzzle play.

We have found that wooden puzzles, in particular, have the edge in the world of toddler puzzles. The pieces are strong, tactile and brightly painted in most cases. They will definitely stand up to wear and tear and being squashed into the wrong hole!

Our wide selection of Wooden Puzzles in stock provide a broad spectrum of Baby and Toddler learning and fun. All feature colours and designs to appeal to young children. Find early Baby Puzzle Blocks and Toddler Jigsaw Puzzles. Choose noisy, chunky or sensory. Great fun for baby and toddler!

Skills For Life

Let’s think about the skills that puzzles teach young children. Firstly, puzzles present themselves in a variety of ways. Themes such as alphabet letters, shapes, colours and numbers really help toddlers Cognitive Skills. For example, a colourful shape puzzle such as Woodland Puzzle Blocks by Le Toy Van increases youngsters visual special awareness as well as a further knowledge of the topic. In this case, Woodland creatures and features. Meanwhile, Tidlo Chunky Farm Animals entertains in two ways – the large pieces stand on their own and so are toy animals in their own right! As all children learn in different ways, puzzles can certainly increase their grasp of certain themes, such as numbers, for example. Again, have a look at the different brightly coloured wooden number puzzles. We love Lanka Kade’s brightly coloured Dazzle the Dragon and Cat Puzzle 1-10 

Fine Motor Skills are much enhanced by playing with puzzles. The different shapes involved require toddlers to grasp, twist, pick up and manoeuvre. Watch as they sort the pieces and try to fit them into the correct positions. Watch them smile as they make a picture. Grasping chunky wooden pieces or placing the right peg in the right hole provides the perfect motor skill experience. Why not try our Tidlo Transport Puzzle. Perfect for 12mths+ Or the Tidlo Magnetic Dino Puzzle for 18mths+?

Toddler puzzle play requires lots of experimenting with Hand-Eye Manipulation. For instance, as a toddler or child places a piece of the puzzle that does not fit, they will try all over again where their actions involve doing what they actually see. Try the Le Toy Van Momma Bear tunnel Puzzle for inspiration.

Meanwhile, Problem-Solving Skills are learnt as toddlers think and develop ways to solve a puzzle. They find it very satisfying to complete even the simplest of puzzles (who doesn’t?). As a result, reasoning skills are developed. With Janod Tactile ‘My First Animals’ Wooden Puzzle baby can discover the different coats of animals by lifting the puzzle pieces. As they use the wooden pins, children can easily handle the puzzle pieces. Allows them to place the animals in the proper position. This tactile puzzle is great for problem solving, shape and colour recognition. Plus baby learns to recognise texture as they pat and stroke the different pieces.

Even better, puzzles are a great Social Tool. When completing a puzzle together, children discuss, laugh and take turns to place different pieces. They have great fun talking to eachother to say why a piece should go where. An ideal puzzle for this is Lanka Kade’s Unicorn Numbers 1-10 Puzzle or Orange Tree Caterpillar Puzzle. Just be ready for the whoops of joy when they finish the puzzle (correctly of course!)

And finally, achieving the challenge of completing a puzzle brings a sense of pride and increases a toddler’s Self-Esteem no end. Having completed one puzzle successfully, they will look forward to solving the next challenge. Self-esteem and self-confidence boosted.

A puzzle is a fun and educational toy. It challenges young minds and teaches. Some very important life skills are taught that continue on through life. And to think it might all start with that puzzle block that you bought them as a baby…..


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