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Baghera Bentley and Citroen Sit and Ride Toys

Baghera Bentley and Citroen sit and ride toys drive in to a sensational double centenary!

Both (the real) Bentley and Citroen range are celebrating 100 years of motoring this year. With celebrations planned for these iconic cars, we take a peek at what’s going on and how you can join in.

Bentley Ride On!

Throughout the year, historic and modern Bentleys are driving across Britain in celebration of 100 years of classic motoring. Cars from the 1920s and 1930s glory days will be seen alongside newer models. And The Toy Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of two new iconic toys to celebrate.

First up, we proudly present the Rider Heritage Bentley. Bentley Heritage celebrates Bentley’s glorious history. And this ride on car is built to impress! Baghera Heritage Bentley is made with the same pioneering spirit as the real thing. Beautifully created with impressive features. Part of the large ride on collection for 2 years+ Just look at those sleek lines and iconic racing green colour. Ideal for little ones to get mobile and use those motor skills.

Wooden toy Bentley Garage

Secondly, we announce the arrival of the very exciting wooden toy Bentley Garage. This fabulous wooden garage is all ready for play. Designed in partnership with Bentley, this large wooden garage has plenty to boast about. Spread over 3 (yes 3!) floors, it features many accessories. Even a heliport! Age 3+

Bentley Centenary

The most recent event was organised by the Bentley Drivers Club to commemorate the most significant year of their club. Have a look below…

Some Background….

  • W.O. Bentley founded Bentley Motors in 1919
  • the company’s extraordinary cars have always been designed and built by exceptional people using only the finest of materials.
  • Ever achieving greater feats of engineering with a 100 years of pioneering spirit
  • always driven by exceptional people, too. From passionate Bentley Boys and Girl racers of the 1920s to visionary Bentley owners of today, Bentley drivers help to shape the world around them.
  • Famous Bentley owners – David Beckham and Arnold
    Schwarzenegger – to name just a few!

Citroen Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

As Citroen celebrates its’ centenary, Baghera shows the world a glimpse of a special ride on car for kids. Take a look at the Baghera Citroen DS Red Ride On Car. Based on the iconic Citroen DS. Young children love it! Perfect for little riders age 12mths+ We love the sleek curves and wraparound style with a hint of the concept GS Camargue in style….. What do you think???

Meanwhile, The Toy Centre thought we’d take a look at some interesting Citroen facts. Learn more at #citroenorigins

Sold as a ‘family car, the advertising emphasised the car as being ‘elegant and spacious’. Comfortable for women as well as businessmen. Well, we can agree with that for our Baghera sit and ride classic for boys and girls certainly! Sturdily built with safety in mind.

Fascinating Facts…

  • taxi drivers favourite ever since luxurious car versions were converted to taxis in the 1920s
  • serving mankind – unaware French people tested Citroen suspension and comfort in buses and even fire engines!
  • General De Gaulle had a DS19 that saved his life in the Petit-Clamart assassination attempt!
  • Championship bloodline – often used for rally driving and competes in the FIA World Rally Championships
  • In 1922, the first all-terrain Citroen P17 left its’ mark on history… (see below)
Watch that slope!

The Toy Centre would like to thank Bentley, the Bentley Drivers Club and Citroen for the above information and amazing photographs.

And finally, sit and ride toys have been enjoyed by young children for years. For even more inspiration visit our special Baghera Riders Blog. So why not introduce one of these iconic stars to them today!