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Wooden Train Sets For Kids


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Traditional wooden train sets for kids are great for both solo play and learning to interact with other children. Perfect for sparking imaginative play, wooden train sets for kids have endless benefits for your little ones, meaning that they can play and improve their developmental skills too. Children can lay tracks to be exactly as they want and build towns all around the railway to bring their story to life even more as they play with childrens wooden trains! With lots of pieces of track, children can build bigger and better tracks, including turning tables, bridges and even stations! These interactive elements allow children to understand trains better, which will improve their safety around them when faced with real trains.

At The Toy Centre, our wooden train sets for kids are available in a variety of different sizes, including our Tidlo 50 Piece Wooden Train Set, which has interlocking track pieces, trains, trailers, trees, buildings, people, animals and even track accessories such as traffic lights and crossings.

Educational Benefits Of Childrens Wooden Train Sets

In addition to providing hours of fun, which you can get involved with too, childrens wooden train sets also have multiple educational benefits, making them a popular choice with many parents! Ideal for both little boys and girls, and suitable for play both inside and out, wooden train sets for kids are a safe way for children to learn about the world around them. As children push their train around and build their tracks, you can help them to improve their vocabulary and communication skills; identifying colours and naming different objects they are playing with.

Building a childrens wooden train track involves a lot of concentration for little ones, as well as problem solving. Despite the track pieces fitting together easily, it’s about them learning to put together a continuous loop. These logistical skills will be helpful later in life, especially when it comes to more complex problems that need solving.

Parents are a real fan of childrens wooden train sets for their little ones due to the creativity and imagination they use to create their track and set up the small town around it. Children are able to make an afternoon of fun simply with wooden train sets for kids.

Engaging Wooden Train Sets For Toddlers

Train sets aren’t just for young children, but toddlers too! Due to the durability and exciting colourful, chunky pieces, very little ones can also enjoy wooden train sets. In fact, we even have wooden train sets for toddlers in our range. The Melissa and Doug Stacking Train Toddler Toy is great for little hands learning to stack objects, identify objects and colours and improve their hand-eye coordination skills too! Our wooden train sets for toddlers come at an affordable price too, so all children have the chance to enjoy our excellent range. The Janod Story Barnyard Baby Train is ideal for very littles ones and is a firm favourite as part of our wooden train sets for toddlers, due to the solid pieces and animal passengers.

For more information about our childrens wooden train set range or our wooden toys we stock at The Toy Centre, get in touch with our helpful team, today.

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