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Guest Toy Review Spot

Welcome to our new guest writer’s collaboration section; The Parents Toy Review Portal

As part of our new occasional series, we are asking special guests to review some of our toys. They test our toys to the limit and tell it like it is, so you know what you are getting!

Twin mum and guest Blogger Ellen@Twinterest tells us her review of Tidlo Farm Animals; a wooden toy set for use as stand alone or part of a farm play set. Ellen has two delightful three year old girls and they put these wooden toy animals to the test.

Tidlo Farm Animals make for good play

Ellen@Twinterest Guest Blog

There is something wonderful about the feel of wooden toys in your hand, and children seem to sense this too. As well as being smooth wood, there are little touches like felt ears, cord string tails and sweet painted details, which help to bring the toys to life! Our girls immediately loved their farm animals from The Toy Centre, and you could tell they enjoyed how tactile they were.

The set includes beautifully painted cows, piggies, ducks, a pair of sheep and chickens. The fine detailed painting provides the perfect finishing touch; our girls particularly like the cows’ smiling face and the curly coats on the sheep. The figures are nice and chunky yet light enough for little hands, and the kids have discovered that they can stack the animals on top of each other which helps with their concentration and developing their hand-eye coordination!

As our girls are 3 years old, the Tildo Farm Animal set is perfect for them to use their imagination and discover role play with; it’s lovely to hear them making animal sounds and pretending to be on a farm! I’m quite keen on letting the girls learn and interact in a Montessori style, and wooden farm toys encourage just that. 

They have been such a hit that I’ve popped them in a drawstring bag and take it out with us to use when we go for meals out. They are the perfect distraction while we wait for food to arrive, and I’m a fan of providing fun without screen time where possible.

The added bonus for our family is that this set has two of everything… and as we have twin girls this couldn’t be better!

Tidlo also make a traditional wooden farm set, and as The Toy Centre sell that and the farm family to go with it, I can see those being the final part of the bundle, so we can have the full farm yard experience!

And finally…

Our girls are delighted with the farm animals, and I can see us purchasing many of the other wooden toy sets from The Toy Centre very soon because of this!

If you too would like to be involved in the guest writer toy review section, then head to our  Contact Us page and drop us a line, today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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