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How to Clean Wooden Toys: Safely Disinfecting Wooden Toys

We all know what little ones can be like, playing with their new toys with sticky fingers or out in the garden getting mucky! Although we love seeing children having fun and enjoying play time, we always advise regularly disinfecting wooden toys to remove any nasty germs from your child’s toys in case they put it in their mouth and risk contracting any illnesses.

We see a lot of people approaching us unsure on how to clean wooden toys, with a perception that it is not as easy to maintain hygiene measures in comparison to other materials. Wood is actually known to kill bacteria naturally, even below the surface, as it wicks away moisture and stop bacteria from multiplying. This is why wooden chopping boards are such a popular choice; on top of its antibacterial qualities, it is more durable and a natural option.

Traditional wooden toys are timeless classics that tend to me more durable than other materials, we love seeing them being passed down the generations to enjoy for many more years to come. With so much enjoyment to be had, it is useful to know how to disinfect wooden toys to keep them sanitary.

No Need for Soaking

When unsure how to disinfect wooden toys, it can be an instinct to soak it in warm water with some antibacterial cleaning products. This can have a detrimental effect on the condition of your wooden toys; losing its bright colouring and original shape. Disinfecting wooden toys is much easier than this, a simple cloth with warm water and a mild soap is all that is required for a basic clean. If you’re unsure on how to clean wooden toys without using chemicals that could be harmful to your child, diluted white vinegar will do a great job and will be harmless to children.

Tackle any tough stains

Once again, the magical properties of diluted white vinegar and water come to the rescue. On top of solving how to clean wooden toys, it is great for any stains which you can’t seem to budge. Use a stronger solution this time, with an even ratio of vinegar to water and scrub the area with a non-abrasive sponge.

Bring back the shine

Now that you’ve cracked the code on how to disinfect wooden toys and remove any stains, keep your wooden toys looking brand new with a simple trick. Applying a small amount of olive oil or beeswax polish with a cloth works to bring the moisture back into wooden toys if they start to look a bit dull. Again, this is a non-toxic option which will not damage the quality of your toys and is fully safe around children.

Here at The Toy Centre, we have dedicated collections of wooden toys of all kinds, encouraging children’s imaginations to run wild and bring imaginative play to life. We use ecologically sourced materials for our products and only ever use water based colourings which are non-toxic and suitable for little ones of any age. We ensure our wooden toys are highly durable and can be enjoyed for years to come!

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