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Pretend Play Kitchens


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Our Range Of Pretend Play Kitchens

Pretend play kitchens are sure to contain a model guaranteed to delight small folk, igniting their young imaginations, and providing hours of absorbing play for little cooks. All our wooden play kitchens are sturdily and traditionally constructed, and painted in non-toxic paint in soft colours, with handles in accent colours designed to appeal to young children. The retro designs reflect this, with simple, clean lines that are safe for small hands. All of our pretend play kitchens are built to stand up to the kind of repeated tough usage they are certain to undergo. They will, quite literally, last for years and will become the kind of ‘family heirloom’ that’s handed down from generation to generation – so they are a great investment!

Super-realistic, our wide range of pretend play kitchens come fully equipped with many extras that will capture children’s attention – mini-hobs and grills come with on/off knobs, timers, and dials that give an added dimension of delight to role-play. Our wooden play kitchens include exciting features, such as sinks with bowls that can be removed for washing, ovens, and cupboards that open for storing plates, pots and pans, as well as familiar, safe play kitchen utensils, such as cutlery and cooking tools.

‘Tea’ can be prepared using our colourful toy kettle – just one of our wide range of toy kitchenware.

In addition, there is a host of fun-sized play food available that will enhance your child’s role-play experience.

Fun wooden play food ranges from fruit salad, and eggs and dairy, to meat and fish

Fabric play food, such as our soft strawberry, and banana add an extra dimension of fun to kitchen role-play.

There’s also a huge choice of familiar and favourite play foods that children will adore, including burger and fries, and good-enough-to-eat cakes.

Our spectacular Kitchen Station Bundle contains everything a child could want for the full pretend play kitchens experience.

Toy Kitchen Accessories

Whether playing alone or with young friends – or grownups! – role-play with toy kitchen accessories are a great way to boost your child’s hand-to-eye coordination, as their little fingers quickly learn how to manipulate the knobs, switches, and dials of the kitchen during role play. This not only provides hours of absorbed roleplay but also increases their knowledge and vocabulary, as they learn their colours, the names of different food items, as well as terms associated with the art of cooking.

Plus, shopping, ‘cooking’, and serving their culinary creations using their toy kitchen accessories helps small folk to develop other skills, like forward planning. Playing cafes or restaurants is a socially enhancing play activity, too, as ‘orders’ for food may be taken from friends and family members. This improves children’s social skills, promoting sharing and cooperation with others. They’ll also get a sense of achievement when they create something that gets a warm reception from friends and family − however odd the resulting concoction might seem to grownups! ‘Cleaning up’ is also a valuable life-lesson that most parents are keen to instil in their little ones!

Pretend play kitchens and toy kitchen accessories are both fun and educational, and who knows – you may have the next superstar cook on your hands!


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