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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

Children enjoy and thrive from outdoor learning, not just because of the opportunity for extended play but because of the stimulating learning environment that it provides. From wildlife spotting to learning about the plant life cycle, there is so much to be learnt from the outdoors. Better yet, children are able to take control of their own learning by making their own observations through exploration. We have teamed up with a preparatory school in Hertfordshire to share more on the benefits of outdoor learning for children. 

An Appreciation for Nature

Outdoor learning opportunities encourage children to spend time in nature, allowing them to admire its beauty. Through planting and exploring biodiversity, children can better connect with it and understand the importance of protecting it.

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Improved Communication Skills

The learning activities also lend themselves well to teamwork, allowing your child to develop their social skills and confidence through working with others. 

A Healthy Mind

The reason that we’re so calm and collected when out in nature is because of the green foliage and its calming effects. This is something that scientists have studied and believe that the lush hue can help to improve mental health and reduce stress. In one study, increased time in the outdoors helped to relieve anxiety in highly anxious children. 

Gross Motor Skills

Throwing, catching and climbing are all gross motor skills that are just impossible for children to develop indoors. Just like fine motor skills, gross motor skills are essential skills for children to develop and involve the coordination of larger muscles such as the legs and arms.

Independent Learning

There are so many learning resources outdoors unlike the classroom, allowing teachers to support theory with practicals. This can help to develop independent learners that are curious and have a hunger to make their own discoveries. This form of learning is particularly beneficial for children with a kinaesthetic learning style as most lessons incorporate hands-on activities. 

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